Field: Drugs / Alcohol

Area of Work: Tallinn, Harju County

Type of Service: Rehabilitation

Target Group: Intended for adult men and women suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. A prerequisite for admission to the program is sobriety and motivation to work on changing their mindset, values, and life principles.

Program Description: The inpatient rehabilitation program is aimed at abstaining from psychotropic substances. It provides rehabilitation and assistance to alcoholics and drug-dependent individuals, helping them reintegrate into society and achieve independence in daily activities and public life.

Program Content: Participants voluntarily join the program to transform their lives. The center’s goal and activities are to help program graduates integrate into society. An essential part of the program is vocational practice, which covers part of the expenses during their stay.

*At the “Living Israel” center, both men and women are offered a 6-9 month inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation program. This includes three meals a day, accommodation, clothing, and psychological, social, and spiritual support. The rehabilitation program is based on the 12-step approach, conducted both in group sessions and individually. Participants also engage in household tasks, responsibilities, communication, occupational therapy, and other essential activities for life within the center. Therapeutic sessions help participants understand the causes and consequences of their addiction (relationships with loved ones, self-awareness of behavior) and work toward restoring broken relationships.

*Men and women learn to trust and rely on each other, taking responsibility for their actions.

The “Living Israel” program is Christian-based and founded on Biblical values and principles.